“A Christmas Devotion” by David Emberson

The great “I AM”, Yehwah, becomes a human baby? Outrageous! Holy God the creator, Holy God who is outside of all creation (matter, space, and time), Holy God who is pure, righteous, and Holy, Holy God decides to become a human, which means he would be exposed to the unrighteous, sinful, impure existence of humans. Quite unacceptable that Holy God would subject himself to becoming a weak, helpless, defenseless baby dependent on frail humans — it seems the product of madness, insanity!

The great “I AM”, HaShem, endures a human existence complete with soulful temptations, hurtful rejection, a victim of prejudice and gossip, being misunderstood and marginalized — and he knew it would happen — that defies logic.

The great “I AM”, Elyon, planned on becoming sin? There are no words to describe how repugnant that is! God challenged himself — “surely there must be another way to defeat sin and save creation.” Good question. Why suffer for such weak, prideful, ungrateful beings? Just start over and reprogram his creation without the damaging weakness of choice.

But the great “I AM” said no to himself. Why? Apparently, the Holy One was, and is, captivated with his creation. He must save them. He was, and is, motivated by Holy Love — a love we cannot comprehend.

Holy Father, I gratefully and humbly submit to your Holy Love. Accept my surrendered heart. Amen.