June 12, 2016 Worship

Genesis 1 & 2 describe God’s perfect creation, made in His image and for relationship with Him. Things changed in Genesis 3 as we read about banishment, depravity, and suffering — perfection corrupted. Today, suffering results in a life lived less than intended, passionless, experiencing only conditional love, and believing lies about ourselves. It’s not what we’re made for, but unfortunately it seems to be our “normal”.

Thankfully, Jesus was sent as the solution — to set us free from the lies (see Luke 4:14-21). Read Mark 5:1-15 and John 8:1-11 to see what happened when brokenness met perfection — how Jesus transformed suffering and lies into redemption and restoration.

Jesus sees past our sin into the brokenness of our hearts. He can make the rejected accepted, the unclean healed, the discarded adopted, and the worthless objects of great value. An eternity with perfection (Jesus) is available if only the broken (we) cry out (read Psalm 40).

Below is the video “God of the Broken” we watched that illustrates the beauty in our brokenness.

Also please take note of the following upcoming activities:

  • David’s 8-week sabbatical starts tomorrow, and he will return on August 8. Pray for a time of refreshment, revitalizing, and spiritual awakening for him while he is gone. If you have a spiritual need, please contact an elder or the office. The pulpit will be filled by Jeremy Willey, Steve Heffley, Craig Delich, Mark Alterman, and Ben Santos while David is gone.
  • June 14 6:00p STOREhouse — Everyone is invited to the CAC to help.
  • June 16 6:00p Game Night — All ages are invited for a game night in the Coffee Shop. Bring your favorite game and a snack to share.
  • June 25 6:00p Independence Day Picnic Dinner — Follow the link for more details.