June 5, 2016 Worship

Imagine the keys on your ring represent different areas of your identity — a key to your work life, a key to your relationships, a key to your money, a key to your secrets. As a born-again believer you can hand those keys over to God, and He will open and shut doors in His plan for your life. The identify for a follower is found in Christ Jesus, and it is a grand adventure.

In today’s message David continued sharing from 1 Peter, relating 3 aspects of our identify in Jesus. First, the Father was pleased in seeing Jesus enjoy life and engage in relationships. Second, Jesus experienced a great number of temptations during his life. Third, Jesus traveled a road of suffering. The text of 1 Peter 4:12-19 and 1 Peter 5:6-10 discusses this suffering, but Jesus promises to walk alongside us through it all and prepare us for eternity with Him. Trusting Him with the keys to your life will help in experiencing a fullness of life, fighting temptation, and finding victory through suffering.

Does Jesus hold the key to your heart?