May 22, 2016 Worship

Today we honored our graduates and witnessed a very cool foot-washing ceremony. Congratulations to Christina Alonzo, Natalie Golden, and Melissa Witt.

David continued sharing from Paul’s teaching in 1 Peter 3:13-22. We were created to experience God’s holy love, but because of sin we were separated from this love. We’re more familiar with unholy love — love that is selfish and conditional. David illustrated this kind of love with Kelly Clarkson’s performance of “Piece by Piece” on the last season of American Idol. Clarkson sang about the pain of withheld, conditional love and being lied to, rejected, and taken advantage of. Fortunately, God provided a way in Jesus for us to experience holy, eternal love if we sacrifice self and live for Him.

David is on vacation this week. If you have a need, please contact an elder or the office.

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  • Steve Heffley 913-909-0735
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