Our mission is to provide a Christian environment
that promotes excellence in learning.


At Stony Point Christian Church Preschool we strive to create a loving and nurturing environment for the precious little ones entrusted to our care. Mrs. Jennifer Stenson and Miss Sharon Rowland share the responsibility of directing and teaching. Mrs. Jen and Miss Sharon have many years of experience as parents and teachers. They both share a love for teaching, guiding, and nurturing the children in Jesus Christ.

We offer two classes: 4- & 5-year-olds on Mon/Wed/Fri and 3-year-olds on Tue/Thu. Both classes run 9:00a – 12:00p, and the program runs from September through May. Each day includes Bible Time. We hear Bible stories, learn scripture verses, and sing songs that help little ones celebrate God and Jesus.

The 4- & 5-year-old curriculum covers a weekly theme, letters, numbers, patterns, shapes, colors, rhyming, opposites, and position words. We enjoy exploring the world through simple science activities and experiments. Our “Children Around The World” curriculum helps us celebrate and appreciate how 4- & 5-year-olds live and play in other parts of the world. The 3-year-old curriculum covers a basic introduction to letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, along with a daily theme. Much emphasis is given to developing social skills with this age group.

This is just a taste of what our preschool offers. We would love to have your child be a part of our preschool family.


3-year-old objectives:

  • recognize basic geometric shapes
  • recognize and distinguish primary colors
  • recognize his/her first name and begin to develop the necessary skills to write it
  • count to 10 and begin to recognize numbers
  • develop social skills and begin to exhibit them in a group setting (speaking, sharing, and playing together)
  • develop an appreciation of music and singing
  • develop motor skills through play and exercise

4- & 5-year-old objectives:

  • distinguish shapes, colors, and letters
  • develop an interest and appreciation for stories and reading
  • explore avenues of creativity in both art projects and classroom projects
  • recognize and write his/her name in uppercase and lowercase letters
  • develop motor skills through play and exercise
  • explore and appreciate music and singing
  • develop personal and social skills (work cooperatively, group play, personal hygiene skills, etc.)
  • learn basic counting and number recognition to 20
  • identify 14 body parts and be able to draw a person
  • explore rhyming words, opposite words, and positional words
  • explore basic science relating to seasons, living, and non-living things


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